Just The Facts is devoted to bringing truth into Canadian politics. Canadians have commonly held values:

  • We value the concept of “good” government. We believe that government can work for the common good.
  • We value fairness and equality and believe that everyone should have the opportunity to be who they want to be.
  • We value freedom and believe that people should be able to speak their mind even if others disagree.
  • We value order and believe that everyone should be treated fairly under the law.
  • We value peace and our international reputation as peacekeepers and consensus builders.

These values have traditionally been protected by our democracy and our unyielding commitment to compromise and debate. Under Mr. Harper, however, our government has taken a different path and threatened these core Canadian tenets.

Just The Facts believes in fairness. We believe in presenting the facts truthfully before you. We believe that the facts show it’s time for a change in Ottawa.

Your vote counts and Just The Facts believes that it is crucial for all of us to be informed by the facts and vote strategically.

Get the facts and vote for the Canada you want.

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